Large BBQ Box

Large BBQ Box

When that beautiful time of year arrives, be prepared.


Feeds 8-10 hungry mouths.


The Medium BBQ Box includes:


4 x 115g (4oz) Beef Burgers

4 x 115g (4oz) Venison Burgers

4 x 115g (4oz) Lamb Chops

4 x 200g Ribeye Steaks
12 x Sausage
10 x Chicken Drumsticks – 110g (3.8oz) each


Small and medium boxes also available.


* All weights are approximate.


Requires refrigeration on delivery.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Large BBQ Box
    £48.00weekly/ auto-renew
    Large BBQ Box
    £54.00monthly/ auto-renew