Family Meat Box

Family Meat Box

Want to feed the family better meat? Or are you stocking up for a few weeks or months at home?


This is the box for you. We based the contents of this pack on a family of 4 people eating approximately 4-5 meat-centric meals per week. Naturally depending on your family’s appetites and how you cook with it, this may go further or less depending.


The Family Meat Box includes:


4 x Sirloin Steaks – 227g (8oz) each

1 x Beef Mince - 1kg
6 x Sausages – 330g (12oz) per pack
4 x Lamb Burgers – 115g (4oz) each
8 x Chicken Thighs – 75g (3oz) each
8 x Chicken Wings – 75g (3oz) each


* All weights are approximate.


Requires refrigeration on delivery.

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    Family Meat Box
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    Family Meat Box
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