Offering native British meat


Gloucester Cattle

Gloucester cattle are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the country. They are striking in their
appearance with short upswept horns and their mahogany body and unique white stripe and tail
known as a ‘finch back’. They have a docile and amenable nature and they love to stop for some fuss.


Gloucester cattle are an ancient breed, they were seen in great numbers along the banks of the River Seven as early as the 13th century. They were valued for their milk (for Double Gloucester cheese), their beef, and for providing strong draught oxen. However in the last two centuries, the introduction of other breeds and the development of intensive farming techniques, led to a dramatic reduction in numbers so that by 1972 only one herd remained.

Gloucester's are at their best when grazing at pasture, you can keep them out all year long providing the land drains well and they have some shelter, they will thrive if out wintered, growing a good protective coat.